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SAP Cloud Integration is an excellent tool for building integration. But there are a lot of tasks around the tool that make it easier to use.

Figaf has built a tool that covers end-to-end development of SAP Cloud Integration and Integration Suite.

We have created some videos to get you started with the tool.

You can sign up for at free trial for the tools at


In this video we cover how to install Figaf and how to run it. And how to connect to SAP PI/PO or Integration Suite systems.

SAP Cloud Integration DevOps

Most developers want to work with DevOps it is a much better way to handle many of the development requirements. It


SAP PI/PO to Integration Suite Migration

One of the hottest topics is the PI to Integration Suite migration. Here Figaf can also help. We have several components in place that allow you to speed up the migration journey. They will be mentioned in the video. There are a free trial of the migration.


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