Learn how to use the SAP CPI to integrate your solutions

SAP CPI is one of the most interesting SAP Integration platforms. It is something that most SAP users will have either because it is a part of the license or and it is licensed to be attractive for a single interface.  

You will get a high-level overview of what SAP CPI is about

It is pretty easy to develop a simple interface. The design and architecture is a bit more difficulty understanding because there are so many options for developing. In this training, I’ll give you a high-level overview of what SAP CPI is about and how you get started developing interfaces in it and what you need to consider in the process. That way you will know the components what you can use them for. 

In the course will not go into every object and component there because it is changing, and you can always refer to the manual to understand the specific component. The main goal with the training is to allow you to understand how you can create flows best. 

Full content of the SAP CPI Course

Module 1: Getting started

1 Introduction
2 First iFlow
3 Basic Operation

Module 2: Building

4 Content modifiers
5 Calling services
6 Flows
7 Content and Scripting
8 Mapping

Module 3: Communication

9 Adapters
10 Processing Direct
11 Cloud Connector

Module 4: Advanced

12 Data store
13 Error handling
14 Testing
15 CPI on PO

Figaf SAP CPI Course

Value 299 EUR

Plus Cool Bonus Materials

The course consists currently of screen captures to show how to perform. 

Bonus 1

Creating a real Integration to query Success Factors for new employees. This gives an excellent overview of how to create bigger integrations.

Value 199 EUR
Bonus 2
My Swipe file of Groovy Scripts. This will help you find a groovy script that solves your need really fast.
Value 199 EUR

Get Access to SAP CPI

If you don’t have a SAP CPI system for your self. There is now away you can get a system to learn on. It is by far the best way to learn SAP CPI. Read about how to create a SAP CPI system in 5 minutes.

Once you have followed the video you can sign up for the free course here

Just four days after signing up for the Figaf SAP CPI course, Carlos was able to do some incredible things - he was able to create a professional interface in CPI.

Finally a SAP CPI course that is designed for you!