Over the last number of years I have been making a number of SAP Integration related courses to teach people I would be doing integration.

The focus of the courses has been too teach how to use SAP Integration and how you would need to use it in real life. Moreover, you can make the right decisions on how to use SAP Integration. I have been using the ways I have been teaching consulting clients how to use the SAP tools.

It has not been a goal to teach you how to pass the certification. I do think that certifications can give a large part of what you will need for handling the certification. I do think there is a distinction between certification and real life. And if I had to focus on the topics of certifications I could just create a certification dump.

The courses have over the years given a large number of developers access to cheap courses to help them learn to use the SAP tools. I do feel that now it is time to give them away for free.

I have two set of courses.

SAP Cloud Integration (CPI) Course 

In this course you will see how to create SAP CPI IFlows.

I used to sell it at 97 EUR/ 110 USD

The CPI course contains 4 modules showing how to get started with building SAP Integration:

Additionally, you will also get access to the bonus course content below:

You can get started on the free course by clicking the link below.

Get started now!

And you can use the trial of SAP Integration Suite to learn with the platform.

SAP PI/PO Course 

This is a collection of 5 SAP PI/PO courses they have earlier been sold as a package for 800 USD.

The overview of the course:

Click on the link below to get started.

Sign up here!

If you are looking for a system to practice on SAP has the cal.sap.com where you can get to run an instance of a PI 7.5 system on AWS, Google or Azure. See my guide here. I do hope you will enjoy the courses.

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