Get your own SAP CPI tenant

Updated 2021 September

As with all things digital that evolve they change from time to time. The same is true for CPI.

The CPI is now bundled as a part of the SAP Cloud Integration Suite that you can signup to a free trial for.

Since the SAP CPI system was the first release as HCI, it was pretty difficult to get access to try out what the tool could do. You could only get it if your where an SAP Partner for a fee or customer and had purchased access.

Now you have the option to get one in the new Cloud Foundry Environment that is moving to Google, AWS, and Azure. You can also get access to productive tenants in the environment, though I remember that only AWS is GA at the moment.

I created a short video to show how to get access.

We try with the booster package but that is causing some problems, so the normal approach is also tried. This is the one you will need for setting up your productive tennant.

Start on the URL SAP BTP Trial account

I hope that you find it useful.


Problems with provisioning: You may experience some problem with the provision. Just delete your trial account and then create it again in a different regsion.

Login error. If you have logged in to your CPI application before you have assigned the roles. You will need to log off (use /logoff in the tenant url) or open the link to go Application in private mode.

Cannot open iflows or deployment takes a long time: I have seen it can take quite some time to create and deploy your first iflow. I created a new instance then I could not edit an iflow i had created. After some time I could edit it. Once I tried to deploy it said the first deployment could take 30 minutes. I had to wait again and then I could deploy. So have patience with the tool, try again tomorrow or in 1 hour.

There are some limitations that Basic HTTP does not work, so you cannot start an iflow it HTTP/SOAP adapter. I assume that it will be fixed. So if you want to run iflows you will need to use Scheduled. You can use SSL certificate to authenticate like shown here.

Learn SAP CPI with me

You can learn SAP CPI with me on this page. I have a free course that teach your SAP CPI and then an advanced course that gives you more details about how to use the application.

You can view the content and buy it here.