Create SAP CPI even faster

I do love working in SAP CPI, it helps make some integration and flows a lot easier.

There are some areas where it would make sense to improve development speed. And this is where an external tool like the Figaf Integration Tool can help.

We have created a number of webinars, but the format was too short to be able to give users a good idea about what was possible to automate. Therefore we created a course that covers the most important aspects of SAP CPI development process.


The course will allow guide you thru how to set up a Figaf IRT installation or use the cloud version

1. Change management

In this module, we cover how to make it possible to define the system landscapes. How easy the Figaf tool allow you to make transport, document the changes made to an Iflow and configure it in the target system.

2. Testing

In this module, we cover how you can create test cases with the Figaf Tool. There are a number of different options for creating and running test cases. The course will show how easy it is to setup test cases with the tool and then to run the test. It will also show how you can run test even if you can not call the real endpoints.

3. Development

In this section of the course, you will learn how the Figaf tool can speed up all your coding. If you want to do any serious development with Groovy or XSLT you need a better editor. In the course, you will see how it possible to take all your CPI content and place it in a Git repository. That way you will be able to develop to run Gradle plugins to speed up the development. You will see all you need to know to be able to run the plugins and run unit test for the groovy scripts.

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