Monitor CPI with SAP Cloud Analytics

If you are looking for a good way to get an overview of the performance and thruput of your SAP CPI system you may look at SAP Cloud Analytics.

In it you can create great visuals on the performance of your SAP CPI instance pretty easy. You can create an dashbaord as the one below. Or probably you can spend some time an create a dashboard that really gives you a good view of what is important.

CPI analytics dashboard.jpg

You can see the steps involved in creating a dashboard for your data in the following video. I have only been playing around with the cloud analytics for 1 hour, so I’m no expert.

You just have to setup an Odata connection to your CPI system the url is and then your credentials.

I hope it gives an idea of what you can do with Cloud Analytics to monitor the status and understand what is a process. I would love to see some dashboards that you have created that gives more information about your landscape and what is processed.

I would imagine that you can join multiple data sources and possibly even get attachments.

We have been creating a tool to manage your SAP CPI and PI/PO systems in a simple way.