SAP CPI documentation

Documentation is a critical part of any SAP project. You will need to create some documentation to pass the correct gates in the change management process.

The templates that I have seen for a lot of SAP Integration documentation have not really given much value, and most of all it did require a lot of manual processes to set it up. The only way is to automate the process, so you can create documentation that reflect what is really in the system.

At Figaf we have made an attempt to auto-generate your SAP CPI Iflow documentation in the easiest way. Check it out.

You can see an example of what this documentation looks like below.


We will be improving the process over the next few releases with input from customers and partners, so we can create documentation that makes life easier for SAP CPI developers and managers.

It is a part of the Figaf IRT system that allows you to improve your SAP CPI management process.