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“Your course is fantastic” – Testimonial from a user four days after buying the course

Three weeks ago, I released a brand new SAP CPI course. The goal of this course was to allow people to understand how they can create flows more efficient. And to give people a better idea of the basics of building good integration.

But one thing is all the ambitions and thoughts I as the developer of the course put into the course. Another and of course much more important thing is what people can take away from the course and start to use in their workflow immediately after taking the course.

Some days ago I received a testimonial from one of the persons who had taken the SAP CPI course and immediately was able to make iFlows and professional interfaces in Cloud Platform Integration.

Carlos wrote the testimonial to me just four days after buying the course.

I am very happy, that Carlos was satisfied with the course.

If you like Carlos also want to learn how to make iFlows in a fast and smart way, please check out:   SAP CPI Course.