How to automate your SAP CPI change management with Figaf IRT

We have an integrated approach for handling Change Management for SAP CPI (Cloud Platform Integration aka HCI). In this video (25 minutes) I show how the full application is connected. It is a way to have a central place to manage all your SAP Integration development.


In the video I show how you can get a good change management process for SAP CPI with


  • Full traceability for all modifications made for the development, and linking with business request
  • Ability to view differences between objects and understand how they have been changed because of a business request
  • Test the process have been developed correctly
  • Configuration of Iflows across the landscape, so there are no manual steps for the transport
  • Transport of individual iflows in the landscape
  • Document all changes in the process


There is also part of the monitoring that makes monitoring of the CPI easier and enables you to set up alerts if a message is in a specific state.


Try it out at Figaf IRT Cloud